Kids Phonics A-Z, Alphabet, Letter Sounds Learning App Reviews

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Great app

This app can help your kids quickly learn the literacy skills with this colorful, mysterious island full of phonics sounds. This is very good for their development of brain. It is a wonderful app!

My kids love it

This app is so educational and helpful. I’ve used this to my toddler and lessen the time of our lecture, we learn and we entertain at the same time

Best game for kids

This game is specially created for children. Its simple to learn and youll have fun with your kids while developing some skills for kids. Graphics and music of game are very good. My son has been playing for a while and we like it very much.

Useful app

A very useful educational app for children. Highly recommend!


I tried this app for my daughter. The skills were too basic for her, but it’d be great for kids just learning how to identify letters, shapes, and sounds. Thank you for this app

Quite educational

My kid loves it. He is learning a lot from it. Wishing some of the other apps could be unlocked.


This is an essential application and useful for the development of children. It owns the beautiful interface, vivid colors attract the curiosity of children. Besides, games has the several rounds of different to help children become familiar with letters, objects and animals. My kids would love and excitement to it

Monkey island


Another amazing 22learn app!

I cant begin to say how big of a fan I am when it comes to educational apps from 22learn. Preschool Phonics is another home run! Its fun, easy to learn and use, and its full of great material for kids. I cant recommend it enough!!!

Awesome app!!!

Awesome! This app is a really fun interactive way for little kids to learn how to write and sound the letters. It’s packed with adorable animals and illustrations and simple to play make my children feel very interested. Thanks the developers for great app!

Useful app for kids!

My son is 5 years old and he loves this game so much. At the beginning, I felt so worried about this game but now I love this app too. It’s great and extremely customized to your child’s needs. My son can learn letters and phonics while having a lot of fun. Highly recommended!

Great app for anyone with kids!

My daughters love using this app on my iPad. It’s fun, educational and has a cute storyline. It teaches you to write letters by tracing along on the screen, and it also sounds out all the letters for you.

Another amazing learning app for children!

22Learn has really done an outstanding job with this amazing learning app featuring the famous Abby the Monkey that my kids have come to love! They loved all the games from tracing letters, to letter matching and much more. My kids absolutely loved all the animals which really kept their interest in all the activities. The graphics are outstanding and overall is very child user friendly. The sounds are crystal clear and my kids loved being recognized for their correct answers. I highly recommend this app to everyone that has or teaches children!

Great entertaining app for children!

Very nice graphics, extremely friendly and welcoming. Would definitely recommend this app for children. 5 Stars!! (:

Very effective intro to phonics!!!

Very effective intro to phonics I got this app for my 4-year-old daughter to learn letter sounds, and this app made her learn just that! The design of the app is quite delightful and child-friendly. Children who like animals will especially enjoy this app as phonemic awareness is developed through initial sounds in the names for animals. There is a variety of games to keep children interested and also reinforce their learning. My daughter loves to pop balloons with the letters called. She got so much better at quickly sounding out sounds since she got this app. Very effective for learning!

Educational & Fun.... My son loves it!!!

This game is simply amazing, my son enjoys playing it and he is actually learning a lot from this game.... I have this downloaded on multiple devices. This developer understands kids and how the learn! I have a few of their other games installed as well. Install this app!!! your kid/s will love it....

Great learning app

Another awesome app from 22learn. A cute storyline that kids can follow and learn with phonics games. Would highly recommend it.

Kid likes it

The way I see it, if you can make learning both fun and interactive than you have something special. That basically sums this learning app up in 2 words.

Top Notch!

This is one of the better basic learning apps I have come across! The easy to use interface keeps kids on track and limits distractions, and the material covered is perfect. Ive been very pleased with all of the games from 22learn. Plus, its great fun! This game packages knowledge and entertainment into one bundle. I mean, who doesn’t love Abby the Monkey? Overall a great game, perfect for any parent.

Best App!

Probably one of the best learning apps out there!

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